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I've been thinking about subscribing for beauty boxes. Obviously before any other stuff I'd buy, I would check out the reviews first. llymlrs frequently does her review on beauty boxes and to be honest, I'm slightly unsure about subscribing to any at the moment. But I do kinda have my eye on Feel Unique Beauty Box. Basically when you subscribe, you'd get 5 beauty samples sent to your doorstep every month. Each month is different and you won't know what comes in the box until after you order it. So the mysteriousness is there and actually that makes it more interesting!

The idea of not knowing if you're going to get good and useful products or if you're going to get products that you normally not use/like. It's priced at £9.95 a month with postage included! Which if I may say so, is at a really decent price! But at the moment, I'm really unsure but I love trying out new things and I'd probably think I might just subscribe for a month and see how it goes! If I do end up liking the products, then I'd definitely end up staying with them. There are other beauty boxes out there such as Glossy Box and Jolie Box but after reading other's reviews about how reliable and consistent Feel Unique ones were, I've decided (if I do end up purchasing, of course!) to go for Feel Unique's beauty box.

    What do you think about beauty boxes? Should I subscribe to them or is it just going to be a waste of money? Or is Glossy Box the better choice? I'm in such a dilemma!


    1. Have you heard of Birchbox? It's amazing. Sign up for them!


      1. I have heard of them but unfortunately they don't ship to the UK! That's heartbreaking because I heard they are really good!

    2. OOh, I've been thinking about this for awhile too. Good to know that you've had a great experience with Birchbox, Amy!


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