jacket: ex-boyfriend's
dress: H&M
rings: jwlry
necklace: newlook
shoes: newlook

This week has been the best week for all sorts of reasons! The main one is that I'm not working this weekend! I've been trying to get time to myself for a quite some time now and it just feels soooo good to be chilling at home and doing nothing!

I was rushing to take pictures and some of them didn't come out right so I just chose the best ones. Today I wore this to run errands with my dad. It was a nice and sunny day though it was a little chilly. England has been having sunny days now which is quite unusual considering it's winter! But who's one to turn away from the sun?! I'm actually totally in love with the newlook shoes that I bought the other day. One thing that I love about newlook shoes are that they are really comfortable because of the material they use in the sole of the shoes. It's kinda like suede possibly?

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