Style Icon: Miley Cyrus

(Pictures courtesy from Tumblr)

I know some people don't find Miley Cyrus as a style icon but recently her style has improved a lot and I'm really impressed by it. I love the edgy and grungy look that she has been sporting nowadays and I also love the fact that she dresses classy as well but still have that edgy look intact. Found some of the pictures from Tumblr and these are the looks that I love the most from her! There are probably others too but these definitely stands out in my opinion at least! It's such a shame that it's always cold and rainy all the time in the UK because I'd like to trade up my boots for flats and slip ons and be able to wear shorts with just a simple shirt!

Awww I miss summer now! :( Booooo


  1. I wouldn't call her a style icon, she has her moments though


  2. I'm one those people who actually do like Miley's style I like how she wears what she wants and isn't one of those squeaky clean celebs My fave one out of those pics is probably the one of her in all black but the red blazer Love it Great post & thank you so much for the follow XO

    1. Your welcome and I totally get what you mean! :)

  3. not the biggest fan of miley, but i do agree as of lately she has been sporting some pretty good looks!! i love the effortless laid back style shes been doing.



  4. Yeah definitely! It usually takes effort for me to do the laid back style lolz. xo


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