Sunday Portrait: 3

I know I haven't been posting as of much lately and I've been doing alternate posts. I'll definitely try to post more often as I love blogging but just that I need to find the time to do it. I'm gaining followers on bloglovin and I really appreciate that as just a few days ago I only had 2! Same goes with my blog followers as well! Thanks to all that are still following! :)

31st January is just a few days away and that's the day where H&M doesn't take refunds that were bought during the Christmas period. I still have some items that needs to be refunded/exchanged, hopefully I'll get them refunded fast! I haven't been shopping that much lately for 2 reasons that I can think of. Firstly, just couldn't find anything that I like and really really want to buy! And secondly, I'm going on holiday in June and I need to save money for spending.

This picture was taken during the week and I was working today (I usually work every weekend!) so I couldn't take a live one. So yeah, that's why you've probably seen the dress and jacket before in one of my previous posts lol.

I haven't been using my iPhone to the most extent at all, to be honest I just use it for calls, texts and music. And I know there's so much more to the iPhone than that so just a quick question!

Are there any good apps that you can't get enough of and that you would recommend?
Would really be great if you could leave a comment!

Hope everyone will have a good start to the week!


  1. Hi boy thank you for your message on Ifb love your blog, as I told you I would follow your blog I make you want to follow my own Xoxo


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