Fashion Brand: Missguided

(Photos courtesy of Missguided)

A brand that I totally adore for so many reasons but I'll just mention a few!
1. UK delivery from £1.95! Lowest delivery price that I've seen ever!
2. Affordable and the styles are on trend!
3. Love the wrapping up of the items! You can tell they put a lot of thought into it!

These (the ones I picked above!) are some of the items that they have on their website that I currently have my eye on! I usually check Missguided weekly to see what's new and definitely for lusting over items that I can't buy! Boooohooo :( I really love the jacket! (the last one in the picture above) It would be something that I'd definitely wear it out alot! I love pocket patches like them ones and I feel it would go well with everything! Older readers would know that I simply adore the black velvet skater dress! I'm still lusting over it because I haven't bought it yet! I've been trying to save up money and it's not easy seeing the dress once again on my blog! Ahhhh!

List: (from L-R)
Gemia Aztec Print Bodycon Dress - £12.99
Marena Animal Printed Vest Top - £9.99
Shalla Glitter Velvet Skater Dress - £19.99
Lilla Skater Peter Pan Collar Belted Dress - £25.99
Monique Sheer Maxi Skirt - £18.99
Corina Oversized Coat With Contrasting Trim - £37.99
Abbe Suede Heeled Chelsea Boots - £35.99
Avrill Suede Creeper Shoes - £26.99


  1. Hello girlie! I like these colors and styles! Love the photos! :)

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    Love you, girlie! I can't wait to read your 7 random facts! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the award! You're so lovely!

  3. I love the sheer skirt!! Must check this brand out :) x


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