I made this post as a scheduled one as I should be already at the gym around this time. Me and my friend made a pact to start hitting the gym more often now. Even though I'm a lazy bum and would rather sit in front of the tv and eat junk, I keep reminding myself that I'm going to be on holiday in June in a very hot country so need to lose fat ASAP! It's hard getting into the gym mode after a very long time so hopefully I can manage and get used to it soon.

I did say in one of my previous post that I'm going to review my first Feel Unique Beauty Box this week but since it's already Sunday, plan obviously failed! Promise that I'll review it this coming week which gives me more time to use and test the other products that I've yet to test.

This week has been fairly good considering I wasn't working this past weekend. The week that's coming is half term so life has been pretty good lately. Hope everyone had a great week!


  1. Your hair's absolutely beautiful, one of the best ombre's I've seen :) xx

    1. Wow that really means a lot! Thank you so much babe! xo

  2. ohh, i wish i had the motivation to go to the gym!
    hah, your so so gorgeous; love your hair!
    also, thanks for the lovely comment :) xo

  3. Hope my motivation won't run out soon! Haha thanks so much!


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