(From L-R: H&M Red Blazer - £24.99, H&M Sleeveless White Blouse - £7.99, ASOS Foldover Sleeveless Denim Gilet - £15 (on sale), ASOS Wash Tunic - £10 (on sale), H&M Men's T-Shirt - £3.99, H&M Black Oversized Shirt - £7.99)

Went shopping today and ended up spending most of my money at H&M before even checking out the other high street stores! I won't even bother going into Topshop because that's going to be another story! So glad I finally bought the red blazer from H&M! Been eyeing it since last week while I was working and got tiny jealous when customers bought it! I was running low on facial wipes and even make up so made an errand to Boots. Simple facial wipes are currently buy one get one free in Superdrug for a limited time only and they retail at £2.99 each so that's a steal! I know it looks like most of what I bought is oversized clothing but I just love an oversized blouse/tee with just leggings. I'm loving simplicity at the moment!


  1. Great buys, especially love the red blazer!

    Georgie <3

  2. Some lovely buys, that red blazer and the black oversized shirt are gorgeous, pieces i definately need in my wardrobe! xx

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  4. LOVE the blazer :) so adorable. Great buys. Love the Barry M colours to :D




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