She Said Beauty Box March 2012

Orly Manicure Minatures, Aveda Smooth Infusion Trio, Comfort Zone (Good Night Kit), Collection 2000 Cream Puff, Premae Harmony Face Palm, Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea.

Following the termination of the Feel Unique Beauty Box, I'm was so gutted but along came She Said Beauty! I didn't want to subscribe at first but I was intrigued so I made an agreement to myself that if it didn't benefit me at all I would discontinue my subscription. So their first ever box came on the 1st of March and as soon as I woke up I got the email that boxes would arrive that day onwards, I came out of my room and there it was just chillin' on my dining table. My dad told me the postman woke him up at 7.30 in the morning! So big ups to She Said Beauty for definitely being on time!

On to the review.. Was pretty excited when I saw Orly in the box because I've heard good things about them and was even more excited when I saw the colour of it! I was either going to get black or teal/green. I already have so many black nail polishes, when I received teal and not black I was already over the moon! Love the colour so much that I'm wearing it right now as I'm blogging! I've yet to try out some of the products and Aveda would be one of them. In the box it is a 3-piece pack containing Shampoo, Conditioner & Style Prep Smoother. I'm not sure if I would test it out but when it comes to my hair, I'm a little wary as my hair's sensitive in it's own way. I'll probably check others' reviews first before using it to see how well it worked for them.

I've seen Collection 2000 Cream Puff a lot on blogs lately and I haven't stacked up on any of my own yet so was interested when it was in the box. The smell is amazing! It's like cupcakes in a stick lol! The cream puff has this really cakey, caramel smell to it that smells really good. The first time I tried it I was wondering where the matte part would come in as it was still slightly glossy but after a few minutes, the glossiness dries up and it actually gives the powdery finish to the lips which I was so impressed about. I've been using it a lot lately and I'd definitely going to get it in other colours! It retails at £2.99 for a full size, what more can you ask for?!

Overall, it's a useful beauty box and I would stay on for a couple more months and see how it goes. It won't quite fill up the Feel Unique gap but She Said Beauty is a brand I'm interested to see grow. It retails at £12.95 a month including p&p. Has anyone subscribed to them yet or is thinking of doing so? Share your thoughts!


  1. I wish i'd got this box, after this months glossybox, i'll definitely be changing to a different one, maybe she said as it looks so good! Thanks for doing this review :) xox

    1. Initially i wanted to subscribe to glossybox but then she said caught my eyes! It's a really good box so far! :) xx

  2. Beauty boxes are the best idea! I can't wait for mine to arrive every month. It's like sending your self a surprise present once a month.


    1. yes exactly! that's why i wanted to subscribe to one in the first place! there's like a sense of mysteriousness in a way! x


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